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Towards the end of the Graphic Designing course, our students get to do a Branding project. This project allows them to apply everything they have learned. It gives them a taste of how branding projects are dealt with in the real world. Here is an
interview with our student, Shaheen Ahamed, giving us an insight into her process and experience.


1 ) Tell us about your branding project, what was the brief like?


The branding assignment was probably my most favorite assignment of the course. I chose a service delivery start-up. My assignment brief was to provide a complete set of graphic requirements for this new brand. And the deliverables were to provide a logo, business card, letterhead with envelope, website mock-up, app flow mock-up, and any additional requirements that apply to the same.


2 ) How did you approach assignments?


Walk us through the process I wanted to choose a service that is necessary in this fast-moving world. I chose a delivery service provider which is completely app-based. I picked the brand name as ‘RUSH’ as it is apt for the lifestyle today. My first step was to define the brand’s values and identities. Then I made a few logo sketches and mocks with different color choices. I finalized one logo and color which I felt reflected the brand values the best. Once the logo was finalized, I worked on the app flow mock-up and other deliverables.


3 ) Give us a rundown on how you pick your design. For Instance, what was your rationale behind the logo?


My rationale had to justify my design, which will be pleasing to different age groups who will be using my app. I designed a logo that looks and feels familiar to the users. For that, I went with a modern and minimalistic take on speed lines.


4) Do you have a favorite part of the whole process?


The best part of the process was seeing my whole design coming to life while printing it out. It was nice to see something I designed on a 14-inch screen across letterheads, business cards, and delivery bags.


5) What was the most challenging part?


My most challenging part was to decide on the design elements. It was overwhelming with too many options available and trying to decide which design would appeal to the masses. My faculty was really helpful when it came to a point where I had too much self-doubt in the design aspect. I was able to clarify my doubts however small they were.


6) How do you think designing and presenting a branding project like this adds to your design career?


The whole branding process helped me realize my strengths and where I have to put in more effort. My undying gratitude to faculties in Orita for being so approachable and helping me with the process. It has given me an idea of how it would be to work in design agencies.


7) Lastly, what’s your advice for students starting at Orita?


Make use of the short period you are there. Approach the faculties and talk to your fellow peers whenever possible. Utilize the time, space, teachers, and the workshops they conduct to the fullest extent. There is a lot to learn in this field and they are all the more ready to teach and make time for every student.

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