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 About us

Orita Sinclair School of Design & Music

Since 2018, Orita Sinclair has been on a journey to provide direction and create a new generation of designers. Located in Coimbatore, Orita has been a hub for design and art enthusiasts in and around the city. If you are someone who loves the design but doesn’t know where to start or want to diversify your skillset, Orita Sinclair is the place for you. 

We are all about finding your authentic style, cultivating your design communication, and future-proofing your creative career. Our approach to design education is intensive, concept-driven and practice-based. Thus ensuring, you learn and equip yourself with design tools thoroughly in a short period of time.

So, come join us. Utilize our platform for a fresh start, our experience to move forward, and our expertise to build a portfolio that sets you apart. All we need from you is unbridled passion and commitment to learning. 

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